CINCO RANCH, Texas -- Authorities are looking for two suspects in connection to at least three vehicle burglary cases in the Cinco Ranch subdivision located in the Katy area.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff s Office said one man, 19-year-old Austin Thompson, was arrested Wednesday morning. He faces burglary of a motor vehicle and four other charges.

Officials said at about 12:55 a.m. Wednesday, deputies were called to a home on Blanchard Grove Drive in Cinco Ranch. The homeowner told deputies he saw two male suspects dressed in dark clothing walking down the street and possibly entering a vehicle down the block from his home.

In the meantime, another deputy had stopped a suspicious vehicle at the intersection of White Frye and Westheimer Lakes Boulevard. The deputy found a set of golf clubs inside the vehicle, and a search of the golf bag revealed business cards of a Katy-area resident. Deputies contacted the man who identified the golf clubs as his.

Deputies could not locate the two suspects spotted by the homeowner.

Deputies are looking for information on the other two suspects believed to be involved in the burglaries.

Thompson is scheduled to appear before a magistrate Thursday morning.

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