DALLAS -- Snow is still possible on Christmas Day in North Texas, but totals are trending a little lower as of the latest update on Sunday night.

This should not be a surprise, but part of the process of forecasting an evolving storm. This will probably happen another time or two before the storm gets here.

Here's the latest: Temperatures will be cold enough by Christmas afternoon for rain to transition to snow. We'll see periods of moderate snow along the Red River. These counties could receive a total snowfall accumulation of 1 to 2 inches, with some higher snow totals near Lamar and Red River counties.

South of these counties which includes the Dallas-Fort Worth area snowfall totals will be light. A dusting or a covering is expected, with some isolated higher amounts, and some areas with no accumulation.

Remember: This system is still evolving, and the track, intensity and available moisture is still not certain. We'll continue to fine-tune this forecast, and keep you posted.


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