HOUSTON What began as a personal web site has turned into a public hit for one local man.

Andrew Swick said all he wanted to do was share his Christmas shopping list with family and friends.

It turns out others liked his idea too.

If you are still sending emails around, whose claiming what for whom, who is buying what for whom, checked twice can still really help with that, said Swick, the founder of

Swick and his sister, Rebecca Hyatt, dreamed up the site in 2002 when Hyde sent out her wish list for Christmas.

The big holiday came around, she got not one, not two, but three copies of the same Robert Frost anthology, he said.

So they came up with the website to help share lists and avoid gift repeats.

You can link to exactly what you are looking for, the size, the color, the version, he said.

Once something is claimed, the item will no longer be highlighted, so no more duplicate gifts.

Andrew Dupre said the site has helped organize the gift list for his son Paul s first Christmas.

Different types of educational toys, different types of blocks, books, you name it, he said. Everything you can buy a kid, you can put on the website.

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