HOUSTON - Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson may be known for having some of the best hands in the NFL, but turns out that he also has a heart of gold.

On Tuesday, Johnson played Santa to a group of kids in need.

The children had 80 seconds to fill a shopping cart full of toys, games and electronics as part of a shopping spree at a Toys R Us in southwest Houston. The kids are all separated from their parents and are cases with Child Protective Services.

We have six kids in the house. Only one person providing, said Jeff Shultz, who takes care of his 11- year-old nephew Nick and his sister. Christmas gets pretty tough. This is stuff I couldn t get em.

Ladavion Stringer, 11, is the oldest of four and made a point of grabbing items like games and toys for his siblings. However,

Ladavion picked up a Kindle reader for himself.

I read a lot! I mean a lot! Ladavion said. That s my hobby!

He thought about his sisters and brothers, which is a new thing. You know, Michelle Stringer, his guardian, said.

But it s not all about toys.

You get to put a smile on kids faces for the holidays, Johnson said. They get a chance to get what they want for Christmas and that is all that matters.

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