HOUSTON A man who was upset because his girlfriend wasn t home trashed her apartment in a fit of rage, then threatened her, her children and a police officer, according to Houston police.

Anthony Jame Szczepanski, 21, was charged with making a terroristic threat.

Szczepanski s girlfriend of one year said he arrived at her apartment on November 12, but she was at the store. The woman said he called her several times, demanding that she hurry home, but she was hesitant to return because of the tone of his voice.

When she did return, she saw Szczepanski leaving her apartment and walking to his vehicle. She tried to block him in, but he hit her car and kept going.

When she went into her unit, she saw all the damage he had done. The woman s friend who was inside the apartment when Szczepanski came over said he just went crazy, according to court documents.

Szczepanski allegedly grabbed a lamp and threw it at a coffee table, breaking the glass, then went wild and destroyed almost everything in sight. He kicked and punched several holes in the walls, smashed a vacuum cleaner against the bedroom wall, pulled down shelves and ripped the doors off the kitchen cabinets. He threw all of his girlfriend s dishes on the floor, then grabbed her pictures and mirrors off the walls, smashing them also, investigators said.

A neighbor who heard all the commotion saw Szczepanski s hands bleeding as he left.

The neighbor and the friend who was at the apartment during the rampage told police what they witnessed.

When Szczepanski s girlfriend called him on speaker phone in front of the responding officer, he allegedly threatened to kill them all. Investigators said he told her he would kill her first, then would go to her children s school and kill them. He then threatened the officer.

I am going to kill you and whatever partner that is with you. Y all are going to have to get me coming in the gate because I am coming in the gate and I m shooting up everything, he allegedly said.

The amount of damages was estimated at $2,800.

Szczepanski has been given no bond.

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