AUSTIN -- They stand outside the Texas Capitol, timeless monuments, honoring fallen heroes. But behind Capitol walls Thursday came another tribute. This time with the hero in attendance.

Today we are honoring a particularly brave individual Staff Sergeant Patrick Rogers, said Governor Rick Perry.

A governor's introduction that was a far cry from the one Rogers received when he arrived in Afghanistan last February.

On a base near Pakistan's border, the enemy tested the Army medic's skills daily. But notest as intense as the attack on June 1st, 2012, which started with an explosion.

The blast came from a suicide bomber's truck loaded with almosta tonne of explosives. The shockwave caused the ceiling to collapse crashing down upon Rogers and his men.

Me being a medic, Ido what medics do, said Rogers. Istart treating the wounded and moving them out.

Surrounded by gunfire, armed with only a pistol, Rogers pulled others to safety. All this, despite his own wounds: a concussion, nerve damage through his neck, plus a damaged lower spine.

Thursday brought the credit he deserved witha Combat Medic Badge, the Air Medal, and a Purple Heart.

Sergeant Rogers is currently stationed at Fort Hood. He's still undergoing treatment for those wounds but is hopeful for a full recovery. The sergeant is from Galveston, reported The Daily News.

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