HOUSTON Eleven students went to the hospital Saturday night after a Night of Decadence celebration.

The Night of Decadence party has been being held right around Halloween since 1972. It is so well known that it was, at one point, named a Top Ten Greatest College Party by a national magazine.

The event is approved by the university and alcohol is served to those of age. That is consistent with university policy.

More than 1,200 people attended the event held at Weiss College, a name Rice University uses for its residence halls.

Eleven students were taken to area hospitals suffering from what the University said were symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

That is a large number. It is larger than it has been historically by a large amount actually, so we are concerned about that, said Dean of Undergraduates John Hutchinson.

All 11 of the students were released from area hospitals early Sunday morning. Rice officials could not tell us the exact ages of who was taken to the hospital, but they did assume that at least some were under age.

We re-evaluate constantly. We are in constant dialogue with our student leaders to find the most effective ways to keep our students safe, to keep our students healthy. (And) to make sure that they have the proper information to make appropriate choices, Hutchinson said.

In 1999 a school panel at Rice University examined the Night of Decadence tradition and whether or not it was going too far.

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