HOUSTON For Houston Texans fans, September always means anticipation.

We finally have got an unbelievable team, says Melanie Swonkie.

But this year, even for the most veteran fans like Larry Ginsberg, something is different

It is in the air, he said. It is the first year that we have had that taste of success that whets your appetite for more.

Chris Lockridge s Texans appetite has always been ravenous.

I m a believer no matter what, he said.

He bleeds battle red and sweats steel blue, face paint barely holding on in the pre-game sun.

It is time for this city to finally get a Super Bowl. The road leads from here to New Orleans this year, said Lockridge.

The Texans chants start in the parking lots, and roll through security, which is tight as ever.

Season Ten began with the largest regular season crowd at Reliant Stadium ever at 71,566.

Some of those fans are taking extra care on the escalators, especially the one where a fan fell to his death at the last game.

You don t need to put like nets or signs. You don t need precautions. You need a little common sense, says Adrian Bean before stepping on the escalator.

Nothing could have helped one fan who was injured when a panel from an LED display fell in the end zone seating area. That fan was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Texans are going to the Super Bowl this year. Whether they are going to win it? We will find out when we get there. But we are definately going to get there, says Anthony Najera.

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