LA MARQUE Amid the usual sights and sounds of yet another high school football season, the sound of bug repellent spray spread could be heard in the stands of a game pitting the La Marque High Cougars against the Ball High Tornados in La Marque Thursday night.

Some fans came to the game determined not only to root on their team but also to ward off mosquitoes that could be carrying the West Nile Virus.

I m always looking for mosquitoes, said Bobby Smith. Everywhere I go, I m looking around. And that includes here at a football game.

The West Nile Virus has spread across the state with more than 20 cases reported in Houston alone. But despite their concerns about getting sick, some fans chose to leave the bug spray at home.

I didn t bring any bug spray, said Alfonso Fuentes. We ve got the wind to protect us.

But the strategy didn t seem to work for Otis Brown, who swatted one bug after another as they attacked him beneath the stands.

The epidemic is real bad. You know, they re trying to control it. But you can tell it s out of control right now, he said.

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