HOUSTON A homeowner in southwest Houston is being called a hero by his neighbors after opening fire on four burglary suspects.

Omar Monterrosa told police he saw the men carrying a TV, laptop and other items from the house across the street. He said he was worried about the two women who live in the house so he went inside and grabbed a gun.

Monterrosa confronted the suspects and ordered them to get down on the ground.

One of them reached towards his waist like he was pulling a gun, the homeowner fired three shots, said HPD Sgt. Kevin Martin.

One bullet hit a suspect in the back. He ran to a nearby apartment complex where Audry Pavelka was standing outside with a friend.

Next thing we know, we saw the man. He said he was walking down the road and the man just shot him, Pavelka said.

Her friend called an ambulance and the suspect was taken to Ben Taub hospital where he was in stable condition at last check.

The other three suspects got away.

The woman whose home was burglarized said she thinks Monterrosa is a hero and she thanked him for watching out for her.

The shooting will be referred to a grand jury without charges.

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