HOUSTON A veteran HPD officer shot and killed a suspect who had gone to his wife s workplace with a gun late Tuesday morning, investigators said.

Just before noon, police said the suspect 33-year-old Monta Cordell Fizer arrived at Terminex International in the 11700 block of S. Sam Houston Parkway West, where his wife works.

The wife had called police, saying Fizer had threatened her and she feared he would show up to harm her. Police said Fizer was apparently unable to get into the building, because the doors were locked.

When officers got to the scene, the suspect was entering a waiting cab.

Officer J.M. McPhail ordered the cab driver and Fizer to get out of the vehicle.

The cab driver complied, but police said Fizer remained in the taxi.

Officer McPhail then took cover and ordered Fizer repeatedly to get out of the cab, show his hands and get on the ground.

Police said Fizer ignored the officer, but then sprang from the cab suddenly, with one hand behind his back, like he was holding a weapon.

As Fizer approached Officer McPhail, the policeman opened fire, hitting the suspect.

Assisting officers attempted to save Fizer, but he died at the scene.

Police said they recovered a handgun near Fizer s body.

Obviously [the wife] was in fear of her safety. You re talking about a person she was fearful of. She had a restraining order. There was a history there of harassment and threats on her life. To be quite honest, we are lucky that this didn t turn into something more tragic, said HPD spokesman Victor Senties.

As is customary with officer-involved shootings, the incident was under investigation Wednesday by the HPD Internal Affairs and Homicide Divisions, and the Harris County District Attorney s Office.

Officer McPhail has been with HPD since 1984.

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