CONROE, Texas The Montgomery County Sheriff s Office District Five Patrol Division and the Criminal Investigations Division are investigating an arson case, as well as several Felony Criminal Mischief cases, in the Walden subdivision on Lake Conroe.

Several mailboxes were burned, street lights shot out and damage was done to the Walden Yacht Club and the Walden Racquet Club.

August 2, 2012, officers with the Montgomery County Sheriff s Office Patrol Division were involved in an increased high visibility patrol assignment, and conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in the Walden subdivision.

The vehicle was occupied by two males. The owner of the vehicle gave the officers consent to search his vehicle and two BB guns were found in the truck. The owner of the vehicle was questioned about the recent criminal activity in the subdivision.

Both males, Michael Wilder, 20, and Mason Watson, 17, admitted to the officers they were the persons committing the arsons and criminal mischiefs in the Walden Subdivision. Both were arrested and transported to the Montgomery County Jail where they were charged with Arson.

Additional charges are pending against both suspects.

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