HARRIS COUNTY, Texas A suspect speeding from deputies on a motorcycle caused a violent crash in northern Harris County Friday morning, ultimately leading to his death.

Sometime before 10 a.m., investigators said they tried to serve a warrant for Darrick Shelton, 39, for aggravated assault of a family member.

But Shelton left his home on his motorcycle before they could get there.

A deputy spotted him on Spring Stuebner Road and attempted to pull him over, but investigators said Shelton refused to stop, instead accelerating and barreling down the street.

Around 10 a.m., investigators said Shelton attempted to pass a Dodge truck, but accidentally hit the vehicle s side mirror on the way around.

The impact caused Shelton to be thrown from his bike, and his body slammed into a concrete culvert.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Meanwhile, his motorcycle kept going down Spring Stuebner for another 250 feet and crashed into the back of a Lexus SUV.

[It] struck her with such impact, that it sent the Lexus into a yaw and off the road, Capt. Darryl Coleman of the Harris County Sheriff s Office said.

The Lexus veered into a ditch on the north side of the street, where it landed upside-down.

The driver had to be cut out of the vehicle and was taken to the hospital complaining of back pain, but deputies said she is expected to recover.

The motorcycle ended up in a ditch on the south side of the street.

The driver of the Dodge truck was not injured.

Deputies had to shut Spring Stuebner Road down after the accident, so officers could investigate.

It was closed in both directions, between I-45 and Meadow Hill Drive, and investigators did not say when it might reopen.

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