HOUSTON Passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight are upset after an emergency landing left them stranded in Houston for at least 10 hours on Sunday.

The plane was headed from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale when a passenger disruption caused the pilot to make an emergency landing at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Police say an 86-year-old partially blind man who cannot speak English became unruly onboard Flight 310.

Police spokesman Kese Smith said Monday the man apparently spoke only French and was traveling alone. Smith said he became frightened and swung at other passengers.

They said they spent more than an hour on the tarmac and then another10 or so hoursin the terminal with no food and no opportunity to ask questions or get answers.

One passenger said they were getting most of the information from the departure and arrivals board, which kept adding an hour to their expected departure time.

Part of the reason customers experienced such difficulty is that Spirit Airline isn t set up inside the airport.

The incident comes off recent news that Spirit will begin providing four, daily direct flights between Houston and Dallas starting in November.

A Spirit spokesperson says safety is their top priority and that they realize passengers have been inconvenienced. They plan to refund everyone on that plane for their trouble, but some say they still won t fly with the airline again.

The elderly man's son flew to Houston and drove him the rest of the way to Florida.

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