MISSOURI CITY, Texas A driver was arrested in Fort Bend County Thursday night after a dangerous chase down Highway 6.

It started just after 8 p.m. in Manvel and stretched all the way to Sugar Land, where the suspect doubled back and headed the other direction.

Investigators said the suspect swerved all across the road, sometimes driving on the wrong side.

He took off like crazy and he was on the left side of the road, right side of the road, into the incoming traffic everybody was scattering everywhere, witness Atakan Sobay said.

The pursuit ended at Highway 6 and the Fort Bend County Toll Road, where the suspect reportedly sideswiped a police car, and officers were able to arrest him.

One witness said it looked like something out of a video game.

Reckless, like very dangerous and reckless ... going into ditches, just running off the road like he s just doing Grand Theft Auto, Derrian Caraway said.

The suspect was taken to the Fort Bend County Jail. Investigators did not identify him or say why he was driving so erratically.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

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