HOUSTON It was a heartbreaking scene in northwest Houston Tuesday when a woman was shot to death in front of her baby daughter.

It happened at the Tidwell Estates apartment complex in the 1200 block of Tidwell near Wheatley.

Witnesses say a man grabbed his daughter out of his ex-girlfriend s arms and set her down. He then shot the woman while screaming I love you.

The victim died at the scene with the little girl by her side urging her to Wake up, mommy.

She was just crying for her mother, said Crystal Harris, a neighbor.

The man then shot himself to death.

It was about eight gunshots all together. And when I walked back this way, that s when I seen it was a body on the ground, said Harris.

The toddler wasn t harmed physically.

She s in a state of shock, said M.F. Stahlin with HPD Homicide. She s just seen her mother get shot by the person she knows as her father.

With both parents gone, the little girl is being cared for by relatives.

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