HOUSTON, Texas The mother of the sextuplets born Monday at Texas Children s Hospital will see her babies for the very first time on Tuesday.

The three boys and three girls were in stable condition in a private neo-natal intensive care center. Hospital officials wanted to let the mother, Lauren Perkins, recover before taking her into the room. The sextuplet s father and grandmother have already been allowed inside.

Every condition is controlled for them, said Dr. William Gibbons, director of the Family Fertility Program at Texas Children s. The temperature, the humidity and the oxygen they breathe is controlled.

The babies were born some 10 weeks early, but doctors believe they have a good chance of surviving. Sextuplets are incredibly rare.

There s about one case of sextuplets born in America annually, said Dr. Gibbons.

Gibbons said the Perkins choice of fertility treatments likely caused this rare occurrence. The couple used intrauterine insemination, which involves drugs to increase the number of eggs in the mother and artificial insemination of sperm from the father. Multiple births are a risk for this form of treatment.

Family members have asked for privacy but plan to eventually release pictures of the babies in the next few days. Meanwhile, residents in their Pearland neighborhood are eager for the sextuplets and their parents to come home.

I m excited, very much excited, said Ludna Adan who lives down the street. I want to let them to let them know if I can help.

The couple will not only need help, but also likely an addition to their two-bedroom home.

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