The New England Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl after beating the Baltimore Ravens23-20 on Sunday, Jan. 23.

The Patriots also have bragging rights to the best cheerleaders in the NFL, according to a CNBC columnist.

The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders weresecond on his list, followed by Miami,Houstonand Denver.

Here's what Darren Rovellsaid about the Texans cheerleaders: The Houston Texans were one of the top teams in the league this year, and the same can be said for its cheerleaders. On the cheer team s website is a convenient scrollable list of its cheerleaders, allowing fans to familiarize themselves with members of the squad. We awarded extra points for the relatively long videos on the team s site there s a six-minute piece on the cheerleaders getting ready for a game as well as being the only NFL cheerleading squad to feature two sets of twins, Novell wrote.

Check out these photos of his favorite squad and decide for yourself.

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