DeSOTO - DeSoto police were called to a home just before noon on Friday after three people were shot to death and the suspect tried to commit suicide.

The shooting happened at a home in the 1000 block of Oak Meadow Lane.

I feel very sorry for the families involved, said DeSoto Police Captain Ron Smith. How would you like your family member to go down the day after Thanksgiving? I can't imagine what they feel.

According to officials, the suspect kicked in the door at his ex-girlfriend's home and opened fire. When police arrived they found the bodies of Autumn Carey, 24, who has been identified as the suspect's ex-girlfriend, and two men, Carey's father, Gerald Malone, 48, and a family friend, Adrian Jessie, 22.

Police said the suspect, a man from Oklahoma named Almonzo Henderson, allegedly shot himself in the head, but did not die from his injury. He is on life support in critical condition. If he recovers, he will face capital murder charges.

Nieghbor Rod Pearson told News 8 six others, including children and his neighbor, escaped the attack.

[My neighbor] ran down and was beating on my door, and when I opened the door, I knew who she was, Pearson said. I brought all of her daughters and grandkids into my home to make sure they were safe. The guy was still in the house.

News 8 has a crew on the scene and will report more details as the information becomes available.


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