HOUSTON Although the Hermann Square Park signs indicated that it is closed from dusk until dawn, about two dozen Occupy Houston demonstrators stayed in downtownHoustinThursday night.

We are going to be allowed to occupy this space throughout the evening, in the morning and into the afternoon tomorrow, protestor Dustin Phipps said.

Police were also gathered in the park overnight.

We have already accomplished a lot in that there is a discussion that has been started and that isn't going to stop, Phipps said.

The rally started in Market Square Park on Thursday morning. A few hundred Occupy Houston protesters began their march first to the JP Morgan Chase Tower, and then to City Hall.

The protesters said they chose the Chase Tower because it s a symbol of banking and corporate greed.

We should be able to live normal lives just like everyone else, and it s hard right now with things the way they are in the economy, protester Patti Cruz said.

Protester Laura Haley said she s tired of corporate lobbyists rather than the general public having all the power and say in government.

And because of that, we have laws that favor these industries, not common people, Haley said.

The demonstration was patterned after the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York, which have been going on for 20 days. Now, the movement is spreading to other cities across the country, including Houston.

Most of the protests have been organized on social media outlets, like Facebook.

Anyone willing to participate in the City of Houston to come out and join in an assembly to talk about what s going on with this occupy movement, Phipps said.

Still, not everyone was on board with the group s message.

KHOU 11 News spotted one man a 28-year-old self-employed carpet cleaner who held a sign reading: Blame yourself, not the banks. Hard work pays off.

I just don t want the people on Wall Street and the people here in town to start thinking they re speaking for everybody. They re a really small percentage of the population, counter-protester Justin Conry, said.

The protestors willhead to Eleanor Tinsley Park Fridayas the city prepares for the weekend s Bayou City Arts Festival.

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