HOUSTON The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are spreading across the country, and on Thursday, they could arrive in Houston.

Occupy Houston is an outgrowth of the protest movement that s been happening in New York for weeks.

Its organizers have been spreading the word over social media about a protest in the Bayou City on Thursday.

It s not clear how many people will show up, but organizers hope to keep things peaceful and end up outside City Hall.

Organizers said some of the demonstrators plan to stay there indefinitely.

Ironically, signs outside the park say it closes at night, but the guy who originally donated the land to the city specified that people should be allowed to sleep there.

We cannot evict them if they choose to sleep. The question is whether they re going to be allowed to put up tents or anything else. And they absolutely cannot interfere with the progress that s being made to set up for the Bayou City Arts Fest, Mayor Annise Parker said.

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