HOUSTON Police are investigating a controversial traffic accident involving an HPD officer and a school bus.

There are conflicting stories about who was to blame.

The unidentified sergeant was on his way to work in his pickup Wednesday when he collided with the bus in the 7900 block of Harrisburg in East Houston.

No children were on board.

An HPD spokesman said the bus driver ran a stop sign and caused the accident. But other witnesses said the officer was the one who ran a stop sign.

The bus driver said she thinks he'd been drinking.

He smelled drunk and he had beer and wine opened in his car, Teresa Argueta said.

Other witnesses said officers at the scene threw a towel over the open containers and threatened to arrest anyone who took photos.

HPD said the containers were not open and the officer was not drunk.

He was taken away on a stretcher, but is expected to be OK.

No one was ticketed after the accident, but the investigation continues.

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