CLEVELAND, Texas Another suspect has been arrested in the alleged gang rape of an 11-year-old Cleveland middle school student, deputies said Thursday.

Deputies said Walter Harrison turned himself in to authorities Wednesday night after he saw his photo on the Liberty County Sheriff s Office 10 Most Wanted List.

Harrison was charged with aggravated assault and denied bond.

Cleveland ISD police said the girl, who hassinceturned12,reported the alleged assault to her principal s office in early December. She told school officials she was raped by as many as 20 men and boys, and it happened in an abandoned mobile home over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Texas Rangers and Cleveland police searched a mobile home near the corner of Ross and 2nd Street after the girl reported the alleged assault. Police said they also processed a second, unnamed scene for evidence.

Investigators confiscated some cell phones, but they would not confirm or deny if there were video recordings made of the assault that were shown around the community.

Just last week, a Texas judge issued a sweeping gag order barring anyone who could be called to testify in the case from talking to the news media.

Liberty County District Judge Mark Morefield granted the prosecution s request for the gag order, which bars the defendants, attorneys and investigators from disseminating information about the upcoming trial.

It also bars all potential witnesses from discussing the case, including parents, siblings, relatives, and foster parents of the parties involved.

Houston Chronicle attorney Joe Larsen objected to the inclusion of unnamed potential witnesses. He argued that the order is too broad and effectively gags the public from discussing the case.

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