HOUSTON The green movement is now shifting into construction in a way you ve probably never heard of.

Builders are reusing shipping containers like the ones you see trucks hauling every day in their projects.

Builder Vic Cherubini is using 11 used shipping containers as the cornerstone for a 5,000-square-foot video-production studio near The Woodlands.

These containers have literally been all over the world. There s a sticker on the outside of each container that tells you exactly where that container has been, Cherubini said.

The studio will be called the Epic Creative Co-op. One company Silver Rock Productions has already leased half the space.

The green factor of it is quite intriguing. We re excited. When we talk to our clients about what we re getting into, it turns their head, Michael Huffine of Silver Rock Productions said.

Many of the other materials Cherubini is using on the building are also recycled. But when it comes to the shipping containers, he likes to call it up-cycling.

If you take it and use it for something better than what it was intended for, it s up-cycling, he said.

Green factor aside, the structure itself is virtually hurricane-proof.

If I was going over Niagara Falls in a home of some sort, I think I d choose a shipping container over a traditionally built house, Cherubini said.

He credits a group of architecture students from the University of Houston for coming up with the idea.

I did not want a building like everybody else s. I wanted something different and unique, he said.

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