HOUSTON In contrast to her departure from Tucson, U.S. Rep. Congresswoman Gifford s arrival in Houston Friday was greeted with very little fanfare, except for one prominent billboard on the Gulf Freeway and one man who wanted to make sure he welcomed her.

When the private plane carrying Giffords arrived at Hobby Airport just after 1 p.m., Donald Guittierez was waiting across the street with an American flag in one hand and a Texas flag in the other.

It brings tears to your eyes just thinking about it, she s amazing, said Guittierez.

He stood alone, wanting to be the first to welcome Giffords to Houston.

She s a great person and you gotta love your U.S. and the people who make it that way, said Guittierez.

Security, as well as access to the airport, were tightly controlled.

Photographers were asked to keep their distance. In fact, helicopter video taken eight miles away resulted in an FAA restriction.

But as a medical helicopter completed Giffords journey with a final ride to Memorial Hermann, Donald Guittierez was still there.

It s an amazing trip, she s got to go on but I believe she ll be there, 100 percent in due time, he said.

His wishes are now shared by two cities, as well as an entire nation.

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