HOUSTON The mother of two little girls killed in a mass murder in Central Texas believes the man released from death row is still guilty.

Glenda Rutledge watched the news reports of Anthony Graves walking out of the Burleson County Jail in Caldwell on Wednesday afternoon.

He gets a second chance and if that s how it s supposed to be, that s how it s supposed to be, said Rutledge. But nothing s going tochange the fact that the girls don t get a second chance.

Her daughters Lea Erin and Brittany, two cousins, their grandmother and aunt were all murdered in Somerville in 1992.

They were killed in their sleep. There was nothing I could do, said Rutledge. They were stabbed to death. They were set on fire.

Graves and another man, Robert Earl Carter, were both convicted of capital murder for the crimes.

According to Graves attorney Katherine Scardino, Carter changed his story before being executed. He admitted that Graves was not involved.

Every single person who worked on this case said that Anthony Graves is innocent, said Scardino.

An appeal and lack of evidence freed Graves from death row after a dozen years.

I ve always told my attorneys, I m not gonna' compromise, said Graves. I don t want no plea bargain. You either free me or kill me.

Glenda Rutledge still believes that Graves was involved.

Lack of evidence does not an innocent man make, said Rutledge. It s proven every day.

She still believes someone helped Carter kill six of her family members that night.

Rutledge asked, If not him, then who?

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