HOUSTON -- Chop shops have been around forever, but police tell us the crooks are moving away from renting out spaces in secluded warehouses to working right out of their own backyards.

Now instead of paying all that rent, it s turned into a one-man operation, said Officer Jim Woods. You see a fairly new model vehicle coming into the yard and being pulled way around the back and you know it's not coming back out an hour later. You hear a bunch of noise going on, chances are there may be something going on.

Police recently began investigating an alleged illegal chop shop found behind an auto-sales business.

The owners of Rolem AutoSales said they had nothing to do with what was going on and that it was space that someone else was renting.

When you go to a scene you start looking at not only what the parts are, you are looking to see what other things are left behind by the crooks that may help you identify the possible complainant, Woods said.

Inside the warehouse police said they found a brief case and inside were receipts that could be traced back to a woman named Destiny Mears.

We received a call last week from HPD indicating that they believe they could have had some of our vehicle, Mears said. Well I thought this was great news because I would like to know where the truck is, even though the insurance company had settled with us, you are still curious.

The truck, which was driven by her son, was stolen in broad daylight in front of a Kingwood movie theater on North Park in July.

HPD is still investigating and trying to figure out if Mears' truck is at the chop shop in pieces.

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