POTEET, Texas-- Two trucks on Highway 16 exchanged someharsh words, then some projectiles. At least that's what Poteet police said the two sides in a road rage incident agreed on.

The chief said he ll let a grand jury sort it all out after two men were detained and two others hospitalized with gunshot wounds in the incident.

Chief John Overstreet said a trio of car salesmen traveling from Roma, Texas, in a pickup found themselves involved with another pickup when they reached Jourdanton.

What followed, police said, was flashing high beams, acceleration, braking and harassment.

The chief said someone in the victim s pickup threw a heavy, 20-ounce glass tumbler at the salesmen. The glass came crashing through the driver's side window, striking the salesman in the face.

So, a concealed handgun license holder in the truck pulled a gun and opened fire. Six rounds went off, with two finding their targets. The victims were airlifted to University Hospital in San Antonio with gunshot wounds. The injuries are not life-threatening.

Overstreet is still awaiting statements from the two men.

The salesmen from the Valley were pulled over by Atascosa County deputies a short time later. They were detained and released. Two handguns were confiscated for ballistics testing.
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