HOUSTON Laser hair removal has just taken a giant leap forward.

Doctors say all that numbing cream and pain could be a thing of the past.

The Baylor Clinic s Dermatology Laser Center has a brand-new machine that s revolutionizing the nation s second-most-popular cosmetic procedure.

Until now, laser hair removal was painful and time-consuming partly from waiting on the numbing cream to take effect.

For the entire back, it would have normally taken us an hour, an hour and a half in the past, just for the numbing cream. Nowadays, we can do an entire back with no numbing cream in maybe 30 minutes, Dr. Ramsey Markus said.

The machine itself felt like a warmth, and then kind of a sucking of the skin. And then, just a slight pinch, Baylor Clinic patient Alicia Newton said.

It takes four to seven laser treatments before a patient can be forever hair-free in the treated area.

Doctors say laser hair removal like all laser treatments comes with risks, so where a patient has the procedures done makes a big difference.

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