HOUSTON --Through the end of July, there's been a record number of children who have died in hot cars, making 2010 the worst year ever, according to the group Kids and Cars.

Nationwide, 28 children have died --eight of them in Texas, including 2-year-old Jayden Woodward, who died in Houston last week. Several days ago, two children in north Harris County were trapped in a truck. Fortunately, they survived.

Those kids are very lucky to be alive, said Houston EMS Director Dr. David Persse.

A car can become an oven in a matter of minutes, and that can be fatal for anyone.

Once your core body temperature starts getting up above 104, 105 and above, the brain tissue starts to deteriorate, Persse said.

Jolie Cosman with Kids and Cars recommends parents use a visual reminder so they don't accidentally leave their kids in their vehicles.

We're not paying attention to our children, she said.

Cosman said she puts a picture of her child in the backseat when it s not occupied. Then she moves it to the front when her kid is back there.

That picture reminds me, my baby is in the backseat, so even if I don't look in the backseat, I have a reminder right here, that she's there, Cosman said.

Experts say keep your cars locked at all times, even in your own driveway. And never leave a child alone in a car -- not even for a minute.

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