HOUSTON -- Authorities met Monday to discuss the future of the Astrodome.

The building formerly known as the 8th Wonder of the World is gathering dust and authorities said its fate needs to be decided soon.

Hopefully we can return it to its rightful place as the 8th Wonder of the World, that is a decision that we would like to have the public give us some guidance, said Edgar Colon of the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation.

The Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation unveiled three major proposals Monday afternoon.

The first would be to have the Astrodome demolished, which would cost $128 million.

The second and third proposals would transform the dome into a complex featuring a planetarium, science area for kids and a hotel which would be connected to the dome by a bridge. Those two proposals would range from $324 million to $588 million in price.

A final option would be do nothing to the building, with taxpayers forking out $2 million a year just to maintain the place.

The analogy is if you delay going to the dentist, by the time you finally go, whatever your problem is, it's gonna take longer to fix, it's gonna cost more and its gonna hurt more, said Willie Loston of HCSCC.

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