HOUSTON The teacher seen on cell phone video repeatedly striking one of her students is gentle and loves children, according to her former partner who spoke out days after viewing the tape for the first time.

That was not the person I knew, said Tequilla Ball. The woman I knew was kind and loved all children.

On Monday, the controversial cell phone video first made news. It shows Sheri Lynn Davis beating an 8th grade student at Jamie s House Charter School. Davis has since been fired from her job. The Harris County Sheriff s Office is investigating.

Meanwhile, the two sisters responsible for recording the video are no longer enrolled at the school. A spokesperson blames it on a misunderstanding and said the girls are welcome to re-enroll at any time.

But the girl s mother believes the school is punishing her daughters for doing what she called the right thing.

My children don t deserve that, said Kenya Holmes. That little child got beat up. No child deserves to get beat up like that.

It remains unclear exactly what triggered the violence.

Davis has retained an attorney and is expected to make her first public remarks on Friday.

Her friend said she believes the video reveals only part of the story.

Something bad had to have happened because she just wouldn t lash out like that, said Ball.

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