PORTER, Texas -- Travis Moore says he was driving his boys to baseball camp Monday morning, when he saw fire trucks whizzing past him. He just didn t realize they were going to his Porter home.

My head hasn t stopped spinning, Moore said.

Fire investigators believe the blaze started in an A/C unit.

Thankfully, Moore s family, including his wife, two teenage sons, and mother-in-law, were not home when the fire started.

When the flames were out, firefighters asked Moore if there was anything they could recover for him, so he asked them to check under a bathroom sink for a box of cash.

I really didn t think it was going to be there after the fire, Moore said. But he went in there, and he came out with two handfuls of cash and it was all there.

But the $1,100 doesn t belong to Moore the hard-earned cash belongs to his Little League team.

The money was made during a fundraiser Saturday for the teams first trip to the World Series in Pensacola, Florida and will help pay for travel-related expenses.

Moore says his wife had planned to deposit the cash at a bank the day of the fire.

Some of these guys have never been outside of the state of Texas, so (this trip) is kind of a big deal for them.

The family lost their dog in the fire, and salvaged only a few family photos and mementos, but Moore seemed more worried about the potential financial loss for his Little League team.

It didn t surprise parent Christy Rios, who rushed to Moore s home as soon as she heard the news.

He s been a coach with my son since he was six, said Rios, He s really good with the kids, the kids love him.

Rios says the player s families are now getting together gift cards and basic supplies together for the Moore family.

If you would like to donate to the team or the Moore family, please e-mail:

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