HOUSTON -- For the first time, a woman viciously attacked by a pair of pit bulls two months ago, is sharing her story only with KHOU 11 News.

Monica Garza was on the Southbelt hike and bike trail in southeast Harris County March 5, when the dogs tried to tear her apart. The mother of two fought for more than just her life.

I think about my children, said Garza. I don't want God to take me at this time, because my children are young.

63-year-old Charles Jordan heard her screams, just in time.

Before he came I was giving up,Z said Garza. I was tired of fighting, 10 minutes of fighting. He actually jumped on top of me so they could bite him instead of me. They had ripped all the clothes off my body down to my running bra and I had on half a pair of running pants.

She had 350 staples and 54 lacerations and bite marks throughout her body and two skin grafts. The hardest thing for Garza though, was her six and 10 year-olds at her hospital bed.

Seeing them crying, worrying that their mom will ever come back home, said Garza.

For the 35-year-old runner who has completed 12 half marathons, walking is now an effort.

They ruined my llfe for a little while, but they re not going to ruin me forever, said Garza.

She has physical therapy three times a week learning to do the simplest things again.

It looks like my 6-year-old s handwriting, but I am able to write, said Garza.

Husband Randy Garza has been at her side through it all. He is furious the owner of one dog has not come forward.

If you re gonna own a dog, man up to it, said Randy.

Both animals were put down. Garza's attorney is working with the owner who did step up to take care of medical expenses. After 37 days in the hospital, Monica, a dog owner herself, is thrilled to be home.

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