SAN ANTONIO -- Steve-O has pending charges of deadly conduct and for swimming in the San Antonio River for his stunt at the River Walk, according to SAPD.

Steve-O flipped off the Commerce Street bridge at the Rivercenter mall into the river.

A deadly conduct charge is considered a Class A misdemeanor by the Texas Penal Code, that can be punished by a fine up to $4,000 and a year in jail.

According to the Unified Development Code, it's unlawful to swim in the San Antonio River within the corporate limits of the city with a maximum fine of $500.

In our interview with Steve-O, he said he didn't know the river was only four feet deep but said in hindsight, he did a good deed by jumping off the bridge to show his stunt should not be repeated by anyone else.

He posted a photo of his stunt on his Facebook page with the caption: I did a good deed today by proving it's not safe to jump off this bridge at the San Antonio River Walk. It's shallow -- I hit the bottom when I landed this gainer flip. #notagoodidea

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