HOUSTON On the same day new questions arose over the validity of her lawsuit seeking damages against Houston Texans star Arian Foster for emotional distress, Brittany Norwood stood by her story.

I don t take back anything I ve ever said, said Norwood. I ve been through a lot. I have. But I m staying strong, and I m going to be a great mother.

Norwood, seated next to her mother, still claims the Texans running back harassed her to get an abortion, even though newly-released audio from a phone conversation the two shared days after the lawsuit was filed, appeared to throw some of her claims into doubt.

In the audio, Norwood is heard saying, I never once said that you told me to get an abortion.

Norwood is also heard saying in the phone conversation, I was never in fear of my life around you. Like, I didn t (expletive) need a restraining order.

Norwood told Foster, I love you and you re still the father of my child. You think I m going to let anybody, like, desecrate your name especially if my baby has Foster tagged to it?

Norwood s attorney, Doug York, confirmed to KHOU 11 News that she did make the statements heard in the recording. He said Norwood was just trying to calm the waters between her and Foster and they stand by the lawsuit.

But Norwood said Foster used other words to get his point across. And she shared text messages purported to be from the married father of two.

One message said: I know you feel strongly about being a mother and all that, but I can t lose my kids man.

Another messaged said: Because of the situation we re in, we can t bring life into the world under these circumstances.

The latest twist was a hot topic on Sports Radio 610 Monday.

I seriously doubt her attorney did anything outside of her wishes which makes me believe she is not telling the truth about this entire situation, one fan said.

I feel as though she may have been trying to get pregnant. Am I allowed to say that on the air? said another.

Based on her actions in that interview there, it clearly sounds like she is using this for fame, a fan said.

Norwood insisted she was not seeking publicity, even though her mother admitted the family was shooting a reality show based on their unique mother/daughter relationship.

All that started over a year ago, said Danna Sellers. We re moving forward. We re moving forward and it has nothing to do with the child.

Foster has yet to speak publicly about the lawsuit, but efforts to reach an out-of-court settlement appear to have stalled.

We re seeking money damages, said York. And once 12 people get in a box as jurors, we ll let them decide.

But Norwood, who said she had received death threats from strangers over social media, believes the facts are clear.

The truth is the truth, she said. I m not a home wrecker.

Norwood said the baby is a boy due in June.

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