HOUSTON -- A slow summer has the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center ramping up efforts to increase blood donations; and a very grateful League City man says he can think of 48 reasons why people should make a donation.

Tyler Dalme, 21, says he loves his young son and the time they spend together each moment is precious because they almost never existed.

Early this year, Dalme was in a motorcycle accident.

I hit the driver s side door and I cut my throat on the side-view mirror and severed my jugular ... and a couple of other different veins in my neck, he said.

Dalme lost so much blood that doctors thought they had lost him.

Discharge papers say they had to resuscitate me twice, he said.

It took a miracle and 48 units of blood to save him.

They said it was pumping out as soon as they pumped it in, he said.

Dalme spent a week unconscious, but when he woke he knew he was lucky to still be alive and present for his son.

That s really all I thought about was my son. God put me here for a reason, to stay here, and that s the main reason why, he said.

As a sign of his gratitude, Dalme said he plans to give blood once he s able to, and he encourages others to do the same.

Go in there and donate you re going to save a life, he said. Forty-eight people have saved my life.

One person s blood donation can potentially save up to three lives.

KHOU 11 has teamed up with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center to make it easy for you to give. Click here for more information.

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