HOUSTON Two men suspected in a string of purse snatchings since July 19 were arrested, according to Pasadena police.

Investigators released a photo from a stolen camera in hopes of helping the rightful owner recover their memories.

Auna Ray Griffin and Engwin Hall Williams were both arrested and charged with two counts of robbery with bodily injury.

Investigators said the pair would drive through parking lots, pull up close to the women and snatch their purses.

Police said they found a digital camera in the suspects possession which did not appear to belong to the pair. The memory card showed a couple who appeared to be on vacation.

The woman featured in the photograph came forward to police on Friday afternoon.

Katie Gerrish said she received a call from a friend, who saw the photograph on KHOU s Facebook page.

I started tearing up and crying. Of all these things in my purse and thousands of dollars I've spent recovering everything, the thing I was most upset about was losing my pictures and my camera, Gerrish said.

Gerrish said she had her purse stolen outside the Target on Taylor Street near downtown Houston on July 22.

Gerrish was getting ready to load an ironing board into her car when the thieves came driving by.

From behind me, this car came and grabbed the purse, Gerrish said. I looked up in time to see my purse flying in the window of the car.

Gerrish said the incident was traumatic. She figured the photos in her digital camera were long gone.

We had pictures from our honeymoon, and we recently gone on a trip to Spain and went running with the bulls. Those were priceless memories we thought we had lost forever, and now we get to have those back, Gerrish said.

Police said Gerrish brings the count to at least ten victims

I'm really grateful that I can help in connecting cases with these thieves so justice can be served, Gerrish said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Ray Sorrell at the Pasadena Police Department 713-475-7893.

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