HOUSTON -- A driver was shot and killed on the Katy Freeway during an apparent road rage incident, Houston police said late Tuesday.

The passengers in the victim s car said they had just left Memorial City Mall and were heading east when a man driving a gray Chevrolet Malibu started speeding up and slamming on his brakes near them.

One of the passengers called 911 and reported the reckless driver to police, providing a description of the car and a license plate number.

Witnesses told police the shooting happened as the victim exited the freeway at Silber Road. The gunman in the Malibu caught up with the victim and reportedly fired multiple shots.

I don t know the guy, said passenger Fabian Delangtes. We were driving, and the guy was following us. He tried to crash our car. He passed us like two or three times, and we got off, and that s when he fired the shots.

The driver, 32-year-old Jaime Ceballos-Garcia, was killed by a single gunshot wound to the back of the head, police said.

Delangtes said he grabbed the wheel of the victim's Chevrolet Cruze to prevent a crash and then called 911 again to report the shooting.

Police said they hoped to track down the suspect via his license plate number.

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