SAN ANTONIO -- Johnny 'Football' Manziel has made national news once again -- this time for getting kicked out of University of Texas frat party.

On Friday night, the Heisman-winning quarterback stopped by a UT frat party. Within minutes, Manziel was asked to leave -- cell-phone video shows people chucking beer and insults at the star player as he was escorted out of the party.

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Manziel was allegedly chastised for wearing a pink polo and drinking light beer.

One tweet read, A keystone light?! C'mon! You're Johnmy Freaking Football! Step up your game.

On Saturday, Manziel attended another UT frat party -- this time with the brothers of Phi Gamma Delta. He was not asked to leave.

Manziel has received mixed emotions in Texas, particularly in Austin. It is widely rumored that Manziel wanted to go to the University of Texas, but was never offered a scholarship.

In February of 2013, Manziel received major criticism after a photo of him flashing UT s 'hook 'em horns hand sign surfaced on Twitter.

More controversy ignited when a picture on was posted, showing the quarterback sporting a longhorn tattoo on his abdomen. Manziel later tweeted that the tattoo was fake.

Then, less than two weeks ago, Manziel was sent home from the Manning Football Camp after he slept through mandatory meetings.

After winning the Heisman trophy as a freshman at Texas A&M, Manziel has become something of a celebrity -- partying with musical superstars like Drake and 2 Chainz, and finding it increasingly difficult to stay out of the limelight.

'Johnny Football's' off-season headlines have nearly overshadowed the ones he's made on the field -- at least for now. Meanwhile, Texas A&M and UT fans alike will have to wait and see what the 2013 season holds in store.

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