FORTWORTH - Over two weeks after an Asian elephant was born at the Fort Worth Zoo, Mayor Betsy Price announced the newborn's name.

Zoo officials selected a list of names in which fans on their Facebook page could vote. Receiving 29.3 percent of the votes, the fan favorite was Belle, a name inspired by the word Bluebell, a wildflower found throughout Texas.

The name symbolizes humility and gratitude, the Fort Worth Zoo said on their Facebook page.

Belle the elephant was born on July 7 and was the second elephant born at the zoo.

Visitors donned pink clothing as Price announced the name Thursday at the zoo's Baby Elephant Day.

Six names were originally chosen as part of the elephant naming poll and included:

  • Belle (short for Bluebell): The bluebell is a wildflower found throughout Texas; symbolizes humility and gratitude.
  • Maggie (short for Magnolia): Symbolizes sweetness, beauty and love of nature.
  • Rose: The Yellow Rose of Texas is an iconic song of Texas.
  • Ruby: One of the four precious stones and July s birthstone; rubies are laid beneath buildings in Asian countries to secure good fortune for the structure.
  • Sage: Purple sage is the official native shrub of Texas.
  • Tujuh (too-joo): Means seven in Indonesian; this calf was born in the seventh month on the seventh day of the seventh moon

In an informal poll posted on, Ruby came in first with 28 percent of the vote. Tujuh was a close second with 27 percent of the vote and Maggie third with 17 percent of the vote.

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