HOUSTON - There are several tech tools available these days for moms and dads who want to know their child s every move (whether the kid likes it or not). recently put together its latest list of kid tracking tools:

SecureUS E-Zoomis small box that can be placed into your child's backpack or mounted in their car (if they re of driving age). Using your computer or a smartphone, you can then check their location and even set up safe zones. If the kid goes outside the safe zone, you'll get an alert. The cost is $100.

Amber Alert GPS
lets you track your child's location as well, and you ll receive e-mail or text alerts if they get too close to a registered sex offender's house. It has plenty of other little features and options. It costs $220.

Pocket Finder
is another little GPS device to track your kids. It stores up to 60 days of location history, too. It costs $150 as well as $13/month.

Each of these devices has its individual pros and cons. Some are large, some are small. Some have a monthly fee and some do not.

Explore these options if you re looking for a cheaper way, and your child already has a smartphone:

1 Your phone provider: Most major phone providers, including AT&T and Verizon, offer a way to track the locations of all the cell phones on your plan. It usually costs about $10/month.

2 GPS Location Tracker: This app tracks and stores a record of the phone s movements. It costs $3.99, one-time.

3 Life360:This free app lets all your family members share their location and messages on a map. If someone has a flat tire, they can quickly sound the alarm and responding family members will know exactly where to go.

As a word of warning, make sure the apps are properly set up. Many kids who don t want to be tracked will simply find a way to shut it off or close the program.

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