HOUSTON -- A neighbor took matters into his own hands after he saw two men trying to break into his neighbor's work truck. The man was shot at several times.

He comes in there and wakes me up -- call 911, call 911 -- they just shot at me, said Julie, the victim's wife.

Julie was sound asleep when her husband came home from work early Tuesday morning, gasping for air. Julie's husband was shot at four times after he saw two bad guys breaking into a neighbor's work truck. John, the owner of the truck, thinks the suspects were after his work truck machinery.

They got the screwdriver and put it up against the glass right here, and hit it real hard and it shattered the glass, John said.

The father of three wasn't having it, so he followed the bad guys down the street in their Harvest Bend Village subdivision.

When they started taking off, one of them stuck his arm out in the passenger side, and shot four shots up in the air or wherever, Julie said. He said after the third shot I better duck.

The father stepped on the gas and dialed 911.

Deputies think these are the same guys who terrorized another neighbor on May 27. That happened just a few miles down the road. It was the same deal -- the neighbor confronted the bad guys and they shot at him. The neighbor even tried to chase the suspects on his bike.

My adrenalin level really went up at that point and I took off running, said the neighbor.

The neighbor has a bullet lodged in his shoulder.

Deputies are trying to work every lead they have. In the meantime, they're warning homeowners.

Try to get as much information as you can, but do not expose yourself to these individuals, said Assistant Chief Mark Herman with Precinct 4. They're armed, they're terrorizing the neighborhoods.

The only description deputies have is, a silver sedan. Call Pct. Constables with any information.

I m a little nervous because my husband had made comments -- what if they come back tonight and retaliate, Julie said.

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