AUSTIN -- After being out of football for a year, former UT quarterback Vince Young is back on the football field, hoping for a second chance in the NFL.

Young showed off his moves in front of scouts from 30 teams Texas pro day in Austin.

As Young sets his sights on the playing professional football once again, there are some legal issues he s dealing with off of the field.

In 2006, Young was a first round draft pick and had a $54 million dollar contract. But seven years later, he's trying to prove that he's still got it.

The first thing I see from Vince is he is on top of his game with his attitude, said UT head football coach Mac Brown.

Young once dazzled the NFL with his talent, but frustrated his coaches at times and was labeled immature.

Away from the game, rumors swirled about Young s finances and how he burned through his millions.

In court documents, Young s former business manager, Ron Peoples, said, It's almost like I can have a $30,000 budget that I know we had to pay here, and then you know I get an invoice in for a Ferrari that he just bought for $176,00, and they want their money.

During the NFL lockout in May 2011, Peoples said, Young had a birthday event coming up and that he paid 300 and some thousand dollars for, that's what prompted the call.

The call he s referring to came from Young's former agent, Major Adams. He asked Peoples to secure a seven-figure loan for Young.

He got one from Pro-Player Group for $1.8 million.

Young said he never asked for the loan and never got any money. His lawyer says Young got burned by the people he trusted.

While Young tries to get another crack at the NFL, he's locked in a court battle with his former agent and business manager. He has sued them for misappropriating millions of dollars and conspiring to get that loan.

Adams and Peoples deny the claim.

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