KLEIN, Texas -- Parents and staff at Trinity Lutheran in Klein are concerned over campus safety following an incident involving the search for fugitives in the area.

School officials and parents say they should have been notified by Precinct 4 deputies that they were searching for burglary suspects near the school.

Deputies used dogs and a chopper to track three suspected burglars in northwest Harris County on Monday.

Trinity's principal says the school called 911 to find out what was going on, and only at that point did the dispatcher recommend the school be locked down.

The staffer apparently asked to be put on Precinct 4's notification list, but was told no because only public schools are notified.

One parent says that's no excuse.

I just felt appalled by it because you know there's innocent children at the school and other schools that really should have been informed because something could have gone really wrong, said parent Janel Banker.

Precinct 4 officials told KHOU 11 News Monday night that the school was never in any danger and that public schools that were closer to the search did not lock down.

Authorities also said there is no rule against calling private schools, and that if they ever thought any student was in danger, they would immediately notify the school and send a deputy to the campus. by authorities.

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