HOUSTON -- A well-known Catholic teacher at St. Thomas High School has resigned after allegations of misconduct. Father Jack Hanna was been with the all-boys school since 1981.

The school would not answer questions on camera, nor would they elaborate on the nature of the allegations.

St. Thomas says Rev. Hanna has entered a therapeutic center for priests. A spokesperson released a brief statement to KHOU 11 News.

He has acknowledged that he behaved inappropriately and will be receiving extensive residential treatment at the facility. He has expressed deep regret for any harm caused by his behavior, the statement said in part.

The school says the accuser is an adult who is not affiliated with the school. It s unclear if that person ever taught at or attended St. Thomas.

Students told KHOU that the school told them not to talk about it.

All I can say is we re not supposed to say anything. I m sorry. I can tell you he s a great person, said student Tommy Kherkher. Whatever was said against him, I don t think it s true. I loved father Hanna.

Many students described the now-former Spanish and art history teacher as a mentor.

Some parents coming and going from a Friday afternoon soccer tournament wanted more information about the alleged wrongdoing.

There s always a story, right, said one woman.

No civil or criminal charges have been filed against Father Hanna.

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