MISSOURI CITY, Texas Prosecutors have filed charges against one girl, and are considering filing charges against the other girl, who was caught on video in a vicious fight at Thurgood Marshall High School.

The disturbing cell phone video from inside the Fort Bend County School two weeks ago attracted the attention of lawmakers.

The fight between high school students at Thurgood Marshall High School in Fort Bend ISD, which was shown last night on KHOU Channel 11 is appalling, State Representative Sylvester Turner said last week. Sadly this is not an isolated incident; we are losing control of our schools.

Amani Bell and Alexis Scott faced off just after class. Scott was charged with aggravated assault and now Bell, who was using house keys in her hand, could be charged too. The district attorney s office said it is considering charges, but hasn t made up its mind.

Bell said she was the victim and doesn t understand why she could be facing charges.

As for school purposes, both of us should get a ticket because both of us fought, like we both fought. But as for the charges or anything, I didn t do anything wrong. I was protecting myself, Bell said. [I'm] thinking about college like, how am I supposed to get into college with a felony on my record?

Bell s mother Tamela Flowers said she warned the principal at Thurgood Marshall that her daughter would be targeted by another girl and said he didn t do anything to stop it. A school administrator said they forgot about the warning.

In the video first aired by 11 News, you can see a group of students standing in a stairwell and then suddenly Flowers daughter is attacked.The other student allegedly used a sock with a padlock stuffed inside to inflict the most possible pain.

Flowers daughter had to go to an emergency room with cuts to her head and face.Her mother says she almost lost an eye in the beating.

Fort bend ISD said it is investigating the incident, but, so far, says this was not a case of bullying.

Bell admitted that she knew the fight was going to happen and was ready.

I just told her we were gonna fight. Like, it was just known that we were gonna fight. She was like, she wanted to fight me and I was just like, Well, OK. Then we re gonna fight then, Bell said.

Bell said she wasn t prepared to encounter a lock in the altercation.

That s just too major. What am I to a lock? I just, I didn t want to fight after that, she said.

Bell said the dispute stemmed from a relationship issue.

I guess she was mad because I talked to this boy that she used to talk to, she said.

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