BRENHAM, Texas A tornado touched down in Brenham just before dawn Wednesday causing damage to homes, businesses and cars, according to the National Weather Service.

It sounded like a train coming through and I took my grandkids and my daughter and put them in the closet, said Lamar Kooksey, a Brenham resident.

Kooksey described the damage in his neighborhood.

My neighbor got a big old commercial barn, it tore half of it off. It took a big oak tree and twisted it off on top of this truck, he said. And my next neighbor down, it pulled the whole back of his house up and laid it on top of the neighbor across the street s car. A lot of tree damage, a lot of building damage, a lot of roof damage; shingles laying and big oak trees laying out on the south side of Brenham.

Don Ikard said it only lasted a couple of minutes, but that was long enough.

Tough way to start the day, huh? I was in this building right here and we were having a prayer breakfast, Ikard said. It sounded like the old story of freight trains passing over. That s exactly what it sounded like. We all headed for the cellar in the dark.

Not far away at Woodson Lumber, the twister ripped the roof off a building, and it landed on a neighboring house and yard.

It was quiet and then it sounded like the wind was coming from two different directions, remembered Lee Koehler. Everybody was looking at each other and it was scary, you know.

And at 74 years of age, Ivy Kettler was overwhelmed by the collapse of a wall at her business.

What am I gonna do to get everything taken care of, she asked. You know, it s a lot to think about.

Several large trees were also uprooted.

We had 60-plus mile-an-hour winds and a lot of debris is blown around everywhere, said Ricky Baker with the Washington County Emergency Management Office.

Fortunately, no one in Brenham was hurt.

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