ANGLETON, Texas Ten Angleton High School students were arrested on campus Wednesday morning during an undercover drug sting by Angleton ISD Police and the Brazoria County Sheriff s Department, Angleton ISD Superintendent Dr. Patricia Montgomery said.

Two former students were also arrested off campus in connection with the investigation.

Montgomery said that an undercover officer had been posing as a student at the school since the beginning of this school year.

Investigators said each of the 12 suspects sold drugs primarily marijuana and prescription medications to the undercover officer.

The 10 current students were pulled out of class by administrators around 9 a.m. Wednesday, prior to their arrests. They will face charges ranging from delivery of a controlled substance to delivery of marijuana, as well as mandatory expulsion hearings with the district.

Montgomery said the roundup was hard to watch, as an educator.

If this doesn t break your heart, then you re in the wrong business and need to get out of it, Montgomery said. That doesn t mean we won t enforce the rules and the laws, but we truly hope these students see the error in their bad judgment and learn from all of this. We hope all our students can learn from this.

Angleton High School Principal Jerry Crowell agreed.

This has been a tough and emotional day, he said. My heart breaks for these kids. They made poor choices and have to face the consequences for those choices. Now, it s our job to make sure we help these students understand what they have done and where it has led them so that in the future they decide to stay away from using, selling or buying drugs.

District officials sent a letter out to parents Wednesday informing them about the arrests.

The letter also detailed the district s efforts to provide a drug-free environment for students, which include random searches, opportunities to report suspicious activities anonymously through Crime Stoppers, drug and legal education and random drug testing for students who drive on campus.

In spite of all of these steps, we know that some of our students continue to sell, buy and use drugs at school, the letter read. We are sad that our students made such poor choices and are facing such serious consequences. But, our hope is that they will use this as a costly learning experience and decide to stay away from using, selling or buying drugs. Their future is at stake.

Concerned parents and area residents said they were saddened by the news, but not necessarily surprised.

Of course, I just worry about what s happening with kids and schools, and we can t control them, parent Ludean Weitner said.

I m not surprised, because it s everywhere. I mean, yeah, we re a small town, but you know, Houston s coming farther this way. We ve got Pearland that has grown. I m not surprised. Because there s so many kids that are from single-parent families, and half the parents don t know what they are doing, Angleton resident Judy Estrada said.

It just tells you how parents and teachers are doing their jobs apparently, not teaching their kids right, Angleton resident Tonia Luna said.

Police said, though the arrests were unfortunate, the operation was a success.

We re very proud of the overall operation and that there were no incidents during the arrest process, but it is always sad to see our students make bad choices, AISD Police Chief James R. Gayle said. We ll continue to go after people who sell drugs on our campuses and hope that these students and others will see why making the right choices is so important.

Montgomery said the students will be allowed to continue their education at the JJAP, which is a boot camp run by the county.

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