HOUSTON A dog that survived a case of terrible abuse has inspired dog trainers and veterinarians who ve joined forces to help nurse the animal back to health.

This is what it s all about, said Jim Burwell, an animal behaviorist who is volunteering his time and expertise. This case just ripped at my heart and made me want to stomp my feet.

The 18-month-old lab mix named Sandra was found abandoned in a field near the 7100 block of Bleker Street on July 9th. Officials said an animal control officer spotted the dog tied to a tree with a rope wrapped around its neck.

Sandra was severely malnourished and had a gouge an inch deep where the rope had been. She had skin legions and dissecting neck lacerations, said Veterinarian Dayna Baxter, who s been treating the animal free of charge. Her ability to heal herself with just a little bit of help has been astounding.

Houston BARC officials said the outpouring of help has been overwhelming.

This has just touched the heart to where we have Houston s premier animal behaviorist and this great facility helping out, said Christopher Newport, a spokesman for BARC.

Officials are still trying to determine who abandoned the dog. Her medical team believes she s almost entirely healed and well on the way to getting a home of her own.

She s such a strong-willed dog, added Baxter.

Anyone who wants to help pay the medical expenses for dogs like Sandra can donate at the following website:

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